This week I was introducing congruent shapes to my year 8 students. The LO was to be able to recognise congruent shapes. Previously I have been through the definition of congruence, an example of using tracing paper to recognise if shapes are congruent and then using a corbett maths worksheet to determine if the shapes were congruent. I wanted something that might capture the students attention slightly more and really get them thinking about congruence and what it means.

I found the following resource on don stewards median: (you can access it here)

I did an example of what is meant by a dot to dot cut and set the students off on the task. They were given tracing paper and were allowed to work in pairs.

The students were engaged with the task and the conversations that were arising were brilliant. I heard students discussing if the shapes had been rotated or reflected or translated. Some of the shapes have also undergone multiple transformations.

I certainly prefer this task to simply recognising if shapes are congruent for the problem solving element of the task and because the students certainly need to have clear idea of what congruent shapes are in order to create them. I will definitely be using this task again next year when introducing congruent shapes.

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