This page contains the DIRT marking sheets that I created. Miss B resources inspired the idea. Questions have been taken, with permission, from Corbett maths.

Hope they are useful.

Year 7


Negative numbers – DIRT negative number calculations

Ordering negatives – DIRT ordering negatives

Ordering decimals – DIRT order decimals

Multiplying Decimals – DIRT muliplying decimals

Rounding to decimal places and significant figures – DIRT rounding to decimal places and significant figures

Equivalent Fractions – DIRT marking equivalent fractions

Adding and subtracting fractions – DIRT marking adding subtracting fractions

Fractions of amounts – DIRT fractions of amounts

Percentages with calculators – DIRT percentages with calculator


Nth term of a sequence – DIRT nth term of a sequence

Recognise, describe and recognise sequences – DIRT recognise, describe and generate sequences

Shape and transformations

Area and perimeter of compound shapes – DIRT area and perimeter of compound shapes

Area of 2D shapes – DIRT area of 2D shapes

Measurements – DIRT calculations with measurements

Basic angle facts – DIRT marking basic angle facts

Angles in triangles – DIRT marking angles in triangles

Reflecting in mirror lines – DIRT reflecting in lines

Reflective and rotational symmetry – DIRT marking – Reflective and rotational symmetry

3D shapes – DIRT 3D shapes

Averages and Range

Averages and range – DIRT averages and range

Calculate the mean – DIRT marking calclate mean

Averages – DIRT Averages


Simplify expressions – DIRT marking simplify expressions

Writing formula – DIRT marking writing formula

Solving one step equations – DIRT solving one step equations

Set up and solve equations – DIRT set up and solve equations


Predicting graphs from relationships – DIRT predict graphs from relationships

Draw and interpret conversion graphs – DIRT draw and interpret conversion graphs


Sample space diagrams – DIRT sample space diagrams


Sharing by a given ratio – DIRT sharing by a given ratio

Year 8


LCM of numbers – DIRT 3D shapes DIRT lcm of numbers

HCF of numbers – DIRT understand and use HCF

Understand and use power and roots – DIRT understand and use powers and roots

Percentage increase and decrease – DIRT marking percentage increase and decrease

Rounding to significant figures – DIRT rounding to significant figures

Multiply numbers in standard form – DIRT multiply with numbers in standard form

Add and subtract fractions – DIRT add and subtract fractions

Dividing fractions – DIRT dividing fractions

Shape and transformations

Angles in parallel lines – DIRT angles in parallel lines

Enlarge shapes by a given SF – DIRT enlarge a 2D shape by given SF

Congruent shapes – DIRT marking congruent shapes

Surface area of prisms – DIRT marking congruent shapes

Enlarge by a fractional SF – DIRT enlarge by fractional SF

Circumference of circles – DIRT marking – circumference of circles


Sample space diagrams – DIRT sample space diagrams

Graphs and Charts

Gradient of lines – DIRT marking gradient of lines

Plotting quadratic graphs – DIRT marking plotting quadratic graphs

Interpreting correlation – DIRT interpreting correlation

Interpreting pie charts – DIRT interpreting pie charts

Draw and interpret frequency diagrams – DIRT draw and interpret frequency diagrams


Simplifying expressions – DIRT marking simplifying expressions

Expanding single brackets – DIRT expanding single brackets

Using algebraic expressions – DIRT using algebraic expressions

Solving equations with brackets – DIRT solving equations with brackets

Rearranging formula – DIRT rearranging formula


Direct proportion – DIRT direct proportion

Inverse proportion – DIRT inverse proportion

Direct Proportion Graphs – DIRT direct proportion graphs

Year 9


Original Value – DIRT original value

Percentage increase and decrease – DIRT percentage increase and decrease

Add and subtract fractions – DIRT add subtract fractions

Dividing Fractions – DIRT marking dividing fractions


Factorise Expressions – DIRT factorise expressions

Factorise Quadratics – DIRT factorise quadratics

Expanding triple brackets – expanding triple brackets

Solve equation with ukown in denomintor – DIRT solve equations when denomiantor has a variable in

Solving quadratic equations graphically – DIRT solving quadratic equations graphically

Shape and transformation

Interior and exterior angles of polygons – DIRT interior and exterior angles of regular polygons

Averages and Range

Mean from grouped data – DIRT marking estimate of mean from grouped data

Graphs and Charts

Draw and interpret time graphs – DIRT marking draw and interpret time graphs

Plotting linear graphs – DIRT plotting linear graphs

Pythagoras and Trigonometry

Calculate Hypotenuse – DIRT marking calculate hypotenuse

Missing angles using SOH CAH TOA – DIRT finding missing angles using trig


Proportion – DIRT proportion


Combined events – DIRT combined events