On the scheme of work this week was to teach year 7 about reflection. Once again this is a topic that I am fairly certain they will have definitely already met and spent quite a lot of time on. I wanted to find a resource that would be challenging for my year 7s and really get them thinking about reflection and not just mindlessly drawing pictures. I found some excellent resources on Median by Don Steward and tried out two of the sheets from his blog post ‘Still pools’. The resource can be found at:


I used the bottom two sheets from this blog and photocopied them back to  back. Under a visualiser I completed the first reflection (a vertical mirror line) and explained the concept. Some of the students had originally asked if we were using mirrors and so I wanted to take some time to show them how to reflect without mirrors. I gave them time to complete the first half of the sheet and asked them to stop there before I went through a diagonal example.As you can see, the shapes are more complex than some reflection sheets and certainly made my students think. Some of my students ended up translating the shape rather than reflecting then shape and so needed to revisit some questions.

I then went on to complete an example of diagonal reflection and asked the students to turn over the sheet and complete all of the reflections on the following side:

Once again, these shapes require careful attention and for the students to really think about what they are doing. Diagonal mirror lines can be a concept that students can find challenging with any shape so using these was a great way to really test their understanding. One of my students was struggling with the concept of diagonal reflection by counting squares or by sight and so I showed him how to use tracing paper to reflect the shape. Afterall, tracing paper is a resource the students are allowed in their exams and I believe that they should make the most of it where possible.

I passed this sheet onto a colleague of mine and they used it with their year 7 group as well and fed back that the students seemed to enjoy this activity and that it also challenged the students to take care and think about what they were doing. I would recommend using this resource with any class carrying out reflections.

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