At a very recent AQA Maths Hub meeting I was introduced to the concept of fluency, reasoning and problem solving sheets. The presenter had made many for the school in which they worked and used them as end of topic assessments. The school in which I work already has end of chapter tests and so instead I decided to use them as homework.

An example of a sheet is below (this is year 7 using number):

I have made a sheet for using number, (year 7), number (year 10) and non constant acceleration for mechanics.

My idea is to set this as homework at the end of the topic to aid with revision for the end of topic test and also to expose the students to fluency, reasoning and problem solving. It will be a great way for students to practise these skills and also to expose them to problem solving. I know the argument was made in the Maths Hub that problem solving should not be a one off lesson but incorporated into lessons (and I 100% agree) but I also have no issue with purposely ensuring that I include these opportunities in my practise at a certain time to make sure that I do include them. I think it is also great for the students to see the different style in which questions from the same basic topic could be presented to them.

I have given my students one week to complete the homework and have told them that I will not be accepting any homework with blank spaces, I expect them to use their books or come and ask me for help. This is the first time I have used these so I am interested to see how the students will react to these sheets and how well they will approach them.

I have used many different sources for the questions on these sheets such as text books, access maths (great 9 – 1 feedback sheets that have fluency, reasoning and problem solving sections), crash maths papers and nrich (their short problems).

I hope these sheets are useful. You can access the sheets I have created below:

Using Numbers FRP

10.2 FRP number counting accuracy powers and surds

12A non constant acceleration FRP

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