I started a new school in September after being with my previous school for 5 years and so I started to think about what my new students would be like. I knew that I was about to join a school with mainly high ability students and so I started to worry about extension actitivities. What If every lesson my students completed the tasks set in record time? What if i didn’t have enough planned? How much would ever be enough?

That’s when I came across this little beauty of an idea, an ‘I’m finished, what shall I do?’ display.

This wall contains so many different activities that my students never run out of meaningful things to do in my classroom.

The 5 folders on the right contain some lovely activities that are inspired by Bloom’s Taxonomy. From explaining to an alien the concept of today’s lesson, to creating 5 different questions that have to meet a specific star rating to creating a song/poem/mnemonic to help remember the concepts of today’s lesson; there is something accessible to all. I have laminated the instructions on A5 pieces of card and then also printed off A5 sheets to go with these that the students can write on and stick in their books.

On the left hand side I have put KS3 and KS4 challenge questions. I have simply printed off past UKMT challenge questions, cut them out individually and laminated them. The students do genuinely love the challenge questions. I allow them to do these in pairs and they can use whiteboards or the back of their books if they want to. I have done this to encourage them to attempt these questions as some students can be a bit shy about trying challening questions in the front of their book. The main problem with this section is trying to prevent my KS3 students from attempting the KS4 challenge questions.

I do highly recommend having a look at the challenge wall ideas which can be found on tes: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/maths-challenge-tasks-11672810

It did take some time to laminate everything and set it all up but it genuinely has been worth the time and effort. My students don’t even ask me anymore what to do if they finish a task, they know to visit the wall.

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