I saw this idea on twitter last week and thought that it seemed like a brilliant idea so decided to give it a go.

Essentially, for your starter your break your board into a question from last lesson, a question from last week, a question from last term and a question from last year. I then also added a conundrum from corbett maths as I know that my students work at very different rates. Below is what my board looked like:

I am so pleased that I tried this idea out with my year 10 class. It definitely highlighted to me areas that they could do and things that they clearly hadn’t practised for a while. You do need to be prepared to go ‘off piece’ with your lesson should it appear that the students have struggled with the ‘last lesson’ question. The last term question proved to be most enlightening as it highlighted that quite a few of my students couldn’t rearrange the equation to make ‘x’ the subject and were stating that x = sin 32/4. I am going to ensure that I include another trigonometry question where rearranging to make ‘x’ the subject is required.

I am going to continue using this idea as one of my starters and also use it with all of my year groups. I will have to pick my conundrums carefully with lower year groups or continue to use my mathematical association problem pages 11-14 book for ideas. One thing that I always wonder is whether the students are actually revisiting the previous concepts that we have studied; by using this I know that they will be.

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