Today I incorporated a fantastic resource that I found on Median by Don Steward. If you have not visited Median by Don Steward I highly recommend that you do. There are some excellent thought provoking questions on there.

The particular resource that i used was called ‘close to…’. The objective of my lesson was for my students to calculate percentages of amounts using a calculator. I had been through non calculator methods in my last lesson and we had covered FDP conversions during this topic as well. I therefore was predicting that quite a few of my students would take to this very well and would need an activity that incorporated both practice but also something that was more thought provoking. I thought this seemed like the perfect resource.

The idea is that students use the numbers 1, 2, 3,4 ,5 6, 7 or 8 only once and get as close to pre-determined amounts as possible using the frame: a two digit percentage x a three digit number.

I had read on Don’s blog that student’s can get quite competitive doing this and I certainly saw that today. The students were engaged and eagerly trying their best to be the person that got the closest to the amount. This in turn meant that lots of practice was taking place along with students thinking about what were relevant percentages to use to gain the closest answer.

Below are some example of good work by my students along with a powerpoint version of my lesson (I use smart notebook in lesson). As you will see, i used this activity as a ‘Got it? Try this’ activity. For those of my students who simply felt as if they needed to practice the skill, then I had questions for them to complete.

I certainly recommend this resource to anyone teaching percentages of amounts using multipliers and definitely recommend a visit Median by Don Steward.

The resource I used today can be found at:

Power point presentation: Percentages of amounts using calculators

Example of student work
Example of student work

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