Decided to make a work booklet for my year 12 group based on proof by contradiction. The work booklet is here: Proof by contradtiction notes sheet

I made the booklet to work in conjunction with the Dr Frost Maths powerpoint (an absoltue life saver if like me you have not been teachng A Level for long). You may be wondering why I only made the booklet for proof and not the whole chapter for algebraic methods and the simple answer is because of the SOW that my school follow. The teacher whom I share this group with was teaching the other sections of algebraic methods and I was teaching proof.

The reason I made this booklet was mainly because I was becoming slightly concerned about the notes that my year 12 class were making. Now I know that at A Level the students need more independence and need to take more ownership of their notes, but then I thought about have I actually taken the time over the past year to truly model what a good set of class notes looks like? I think the sad and painful truth is that I have not. I didn’t actually ever make it clear that they should keep track of key words and what they mean, that they need to copy down several examples from the board with all of the working out shown. That I do actually expect them in their free time to complete more tasks than those I set for homework. I know all of this may seem obvious to us but is it actually obvious to our students? Unless we model it, how can we expect them to know? So I decided to model what good note taking looks like. I reasoned that this was better late than never. I hope this wil help them understand what it is to make good notes at A level and help them understand the minimum amount of work that would be expected for independent study.

I have then also made an unjumble for simple proofs by contradiction which can be found here: proof by contradiction unjumble

I plan on cutting out the statements and handing them out and asking the students to unjumble them into the correct order. I once again want to model what a good proof looks like and also encourage them to work as a team and talk about the work. I decided to make it low stakes as I wanted to build their confidence and thought it would make a nice starter.

I hope these resources are useful.

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