There are so many brilliant resources to use on median by Don Steward that sometimes it can be so hard to chose which one to use.

If you are about to teach a lesson on square and cube numbers then look no further than the following two resources:

square numbers: 10 questions:

And cube number problems:


The lesson to be delieverd to my year 8s was for students to be able to work with powers.  Due to my class being year 8 I knew that they will have met square numbers many times before and I certainly knew that I had taught cube numbers to my year 7s last year. In which case this lesson became more of a recap on prior knowledge and consolidating my students knowledge on square and cube numbers. I quickly decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for my students to once again embark on problem solving. What better way to get my students thinking about square and cube numbers than making them think about them in a different way and also help them enahnce their problem solving skills.

After a recap on square and cube numbers and checking that my students had the correct numbers, I placed a selection of the questions on the board. I chose to use questions 3, 4 and 6 from square numbers: 10 questions and questions 1 and 3 from cube number problems. It was a great way to also recap other number types such as prime numbers and once again reinforce previous key words that we had met such as consecutive. What I also liked about the cube number problems was the link to algebra and some of the questions it caused my students to ask such as can the value of a be the same as the value for b? Does the value of a in the top row have to be the same as the value for a in the bottom row? Important questions that as a teacher I can sometimes take for granted.

It was a pleasure to listen to the conversations my students were having and wonderful to see them engaged with the activity. This is such a brilliant way to get students consolidating their knowledge of square and cube numbers whilst also incorporating that all important problem solving. I highly recommend using these questions the next time you are teaching square or cube numbers.

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